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Wuertz Gourd Farm Festival Information

Click Here to go the Wuertz Gourd Farm Festival Information. - 2019 vendor information is not yet available,

If you are interested in vendor or instructor information.

2019 Festival Classes

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER - We wll activate this link once the classes are announced.

REMEMBER all registration of classes is on the Wuertz Gourd Farm site.  The above link will take you there.



Registration Information,Rules &  Competitive categories, and downloadable  info and forms.



Special shout-out to fill volunteer opportunities at the AZGS Festival:

We need people who:

  • can be “hosts” in the competition building, answering questions and protecting entries from being touched
  • distribute and collect ballots for “People’s Choice” competition at the judged competition
  • can sit at a booth to assist in Game of Chance ticket sales and sell calendars, tote bags
  •  All volunteer positions can be seated.  The shifts are generally two and a half hours.  Times are Friday and Saturday starting at 9:00 AM and last shift ends at 4:00 PM Sunday is 10:00 to 4:00 PM.  (Yes, I know the festival closes at 3:00 but the Sunday afternoon shift also includes helping with release of the gourds back to the artists).  

· Please contact Joanne Miles directly for more details. 

Contact Joanne Miles at (480) 802-4655 or email at trjemiles@yahoo.com